About Hay Burr Inn Equine Rescue & Sanctuary


Hay Burr Inn has been rescuing horses for over a decade, but only became a Charitable 501(c)3 Organization in 2014. 

Our Barn was constructed using 100% recycled and donated materials and labor. New construction to the barn is still being added as the number of horses has grown since it was first built.

We currently house 12 horses and 1 donkey. 

Because the entire staff is family and volunteers, 100% of the money donated by our supporters goes directly to the horses.

Hay Burr Inn has 16 acres of land undergoing pasture reclamation, so it can accommodate a free range for the horses. Our goal is to have a self-sustaining hay field and a full round-a-bout walking track.

Here at Hay Burr Inn Equine Rescue & Sanctuary we practice the “Mustang Method” for our horses. They must walk to the end of the track to get to their hay, and walk back to the barn for their water. Along this track, there are many stations with salt licks and scratch posts. This method helps motivate our horses to get exercise and to socialize with each other. We want our horses to just “be horses”.

We rescue the “unwanted of the unwanted” horses. Horses who no longer serve a purpose for their owners are put up for auction and sold to the highest bidder. Those who are “too broken” to be purchased at the auction are sent over the Canadian or Mexican borders for slaughter. It is our goal to intercept these horses that are bound for slaughter, and take them to our sanctuary. Other horses come to us from severe neglect, abuse and owner surrenders.

Regardless of their origin, it is our goal to take these horses to our sanctuary where they can rest and be rehabilitated. We rehabilitate their health and their spirit- Allowing them a safe place to recover from any medical or mental trauma of their past.

At this time none of the horses at Hay Burr Inn Equine Rescue & Sanctuary are in a condition to be adopted.

Every little bit helps, any and all contributions are very much appreciated. Help us help the horses.