Meet Our Rescues!

*Horse bios are still in the process of being put together, here are some quick details on our amazing rescues.



Age: 18          Breed/Sex: Clydesdale Mare        

About Me: Came to farm totally untrained but learning quickly, owner surrender.


Age: 25+          Breed/Sex: Arab/Paint Cross Mare        

About Me: Has heaves controlled with medication, retired. Animal control.


Age: 30+          Breed/Sex: Belgian Gelding        

About Me: Quiet and calm, left stifle injury, retired older gentleman.  Animal control.


Age: 24        Breed/Sex: Chestnut Appaloosa Gelding     

About Me: Herd leader, laminitis, lame, loves people, retired, kill pen save.

Don Quixote

Age: 16        Breed/Sex: Grey Paint Donkey Gelding     

About Me: Owner surrender, but she saved him from transport to kill pen, Oreo is his girlfriend, quiet and shy.


Age: 20        Breed/Sex: Thoroughbred Mare      

About Me: Fast and feisty, well trained, retired from her farm, but likes a job.


Age: 20+          Breed/Sex: Arab/Morgan Cross Mare      

About Me: Sweet but shy, best friend is Mocha, owner surrender.

Java Joe

Age: 30+          Breed/Sex: Bay Miniature Horse Gelding      

About Me: Small but feisty, boss of the minis and he thinks he is the boss of all, kill pen save.


Age: 24        Breed/Sex: American Paint, Tobiano Bay Mare   

About Me: Loves people as they are cookie dispensers, well trained, owner surrender.


Age: 8        Breed/Sex: Black Miniature Horse Mare   

About Me: Very well trained, drives with cart, kill pen save.


Age: 12        Breed/Sex: Miniature Horse Mare   

About Me: Very sweet, latest rescue, best friend is Ginger, owner surrender.

Mr. Bojangles (Bo)

Age: 20        Breed/Sex: Gelding   

About Me: Bio Coming Soon!


Age: 12        Breed/Sex: Paint Miniature Horse Mare   

About Me: Right front shoulder injury from kill pen, but very sweet.


Age: 30+          Breed/Sex: Grey Appaloosa Gelding   

About Me: Branded ranch horse, retired, kill pen save.


Age: 8      Breed/Sex: Thoroughbred Gelding 

About Me: Bio Coming Soon!


Age: 8      Breed/Sex: Quarter Horse Gelding 

About Me: Kill pen save, past laminitis but on his way to being rideable! Young and full of himself. Still a little head shy but has come a long way from when he first got to the barn and is really starting to trust people again. Learn more HERE

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