Meet Our Rescues!

*Horse bios are still in the process of being put together, here are some quick details on our amazing rescues.



Age: 21 +/-        Birth Date: Unknown

Breed/Sex: Clydesdale Mare        

Size: 16 hands, Approximately 2,000 pounds

About Me: Came to Hay Burr Inn in June 2014. Came to farm totally untrained but learning quickly. She's a very calm and lazy girl and thinks anything is a treat. Owner surrender.


Age: Late 20’s        Birth Date: Unknown

Breed/Sex: Arabian Cross / Ghost Paint Mare  

Size: 14.2 hands, Approximately 800 pounds      

About Me: Came to Hay Burr Inn on October 17, 2015 with Clyde. She's super sweet and gentle with everyone. Has heaves controlled with medication. Retired. Animal control.


Breed/Sex: Belgian Gelding        

Size: 17 hands, Approximately 1,800 pounds

About Me: Clyde crossed and awaits us at the Rainbow Bridge. Came to Hay Burr Inn on October 17, 2015 with Boo. He loved to follow someone around, especially if that person had a cookie. He was a very quiet and calm gentleman.


Age: 23       Birth Date: Feb. 10, 1995

Breed/Sex: Chestnut Appaloosa Gelding

Size: 16 Hands, Approximately 1,200 pounds    

About Me: Came to Hay Burr Inn in June 2013 from a transport trailer that was headed to a kill pen. Copper has an understanding personality. He doesn't care if you don't know how to do something. He will wait until you've figured it out. Also, he will pat you down for treats. Herd leader, laminitis, lame, loves people, retired, kill pen save.

Don Quixote

Age: 19 +/-       Birth Date: Unknown

reed/Sex: Grey Painted Donkey Gelding

Size: 10 Hands, Approximately 600 pounds     

About Me: Came to Hay Burr Inn on September 4, 2016. He is the kindest at taking cookies and loves to wander around the barn in the mornings. He is also a pro at finding where the cookies are. Owner surrender, but she saved him from transport to kill pen, Oreo is his girlfriend, quiet and shy.


Age: 23        Birth Date: May 19, 1996

Breed/Sex: Thoroughbred Mare    

Size: 15.2 Hands, Approximately 1,000 pounds  

About Me: Off track race horse. She came to Hay Burr Inn in September 2015. She is very patient with people and loves to wear coats so she can be a diva. Her farm closed and needed a retirement home. Fast and feisty, well trained, retired from her farm, but likes a job.


Breed/Sex: Arab/Morgan Cross Mare      

About Me: Ginger crossed and awaits us at the Rainbow Bridge. She was so sweet but shy. She will be missed by her close friends, Clyde and Mocha. She loved to “dance” when getting her “pony pedicure” (aka hooves picked). She self-identified as a mini early on in her stay here at Hay Burr Inn. She had the cutest “bunny hop” when she was trotting.

Java Joe

Age: Mid 30’s          Birth Date: Unknown

Breed/Sex: Bay Miniature Horse Gelding    

Size: 7.3 Hands Class A, Approximately 250 pounds  

About Me: Came to Hay Burr Inn in June 2013. Small but feisty, boss of the minis and he thinks he is the boss of all. He is always first at everything, especially at getting treats and is very in your face about it (well as close as he can get). Kill pen save.


Age: 24        Birth Date: June 28, 1995

Breed/Sex: American Paint, Tobiano Bay Mare   

Size: 15 Hands, Approximately 1,000 pounds

About Me: Came to Hay Burr Inn on June 30, 2013. She is a very friendly gal and loves to search you for any remaining cookies you may have as if they are cookie dispensers, well trained, owner surrender.


Age: 11 +/-        Birth Date: Unknown

Breed/Sex: Black Miniature Horse Mare   

Size: 9 Hands Class B, Approximately 300 pounds

About Me: Came to Hay Burr Inn in August 2013. She has a very feisty personality and loves to play. Very well trained, drives with cart, kill pen save.


Age: 11 +/-       Birth Date: Unknown

Breed/Sex: Miniature Horse Mare   

Size: 10 Hands Class B, Approximately 250 pounds

About Me: Came to Hay Burr Inn on July 10, 2017. She may have an attitude that appears to be the size of Bonnie's butt. Even so, she still loves people for their cookies. Very sweet, was best friends with Ginger. Owner surrender.

Mr. Bojangles (Bo)

Age: 21 +/-        Birth Date: Unknown

Breed/Sex: Hackney Pony Gelding   

Size: 11 Hands, Approximately 600 pounds

About Me: Came to Hay Burr Inn on June 30, 2018. Often scared easily but very friendly little pony who just needs some support. Owner surrender.


Age: 17 +/-       Birth Date: Unknown

Breed/Sex: Paint Miniature Horse Mare   

Size: 9.2 Hands Class B, Approximately 350 pounds

About Me: Came to Hay Burr Inn in August 2013. She is the gentlest miniature horse and does not complain about anything except the number of cookies you give her as there is never enough. Right front shoulder injury from kill pen, but very sweet and gentle.


Breed/Sex: Grey Appaloosa Gelding   

About Me: Sarge crossed and awaits us over the Rainbow Bridge. He was a branded ranch horse, retired, kill pen save. He was a gentle soul. His best friend was Copper. “Us Appy’s need to stick together.” He had a majestic gait that would make you admire him. He enjoyed being groomed.


Age: 10      Birth Date: April 17, 2009

Breed/Sex: Thoroughbred Gelding 

Size: 17 hands, Approximately 1,200 pounds

About Me: Off Track Race Horse. Came to Hay Burr Inn on October 7, 2017. He is a horse that just wants to run, he is coming around to liking people little by little and is a sucker for a treat. Rescued from kill pen.


Age: 11 +/-      Birth Date: Unknown

Breed/Sex: Percheron Cross Gelding 

Size: 16 hands, Approximately 1,350 pounds

About Me: Came to Hay Burr Inn on July 7, 2016. Kill pen save, past laminitis but on his way to being rideable! Young & full of himself. Still a little head shy but has come a long way from when he first got to the barn and is really starting to trust people again. He adores the cookies we give him.

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