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A great way to get your business name out and support a great cause!

With this program, we offer three tiers that based on the tier will be the level of advertising we will feature on our events for your business.

$100 - For 6 months, we will display your business cards at events and your company name will be featured on our website.
$250 - For 6 months, we will in addition to the $100 level, we will include your company name on Facebook and Event Signage.
$500 - For 6 months, we will in addition to the levels above, we will also include your company logo on event flyers.

Anything above $500, will include the benefits above but will be ongoing for one year.

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Thank you for supporting Hay Burr Inn Corp (HBI). With your permission, we will show our appreciation by recognizing you as a donor on our website and at HBI fundraising events.
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