Wanna Help Out???

for as little as $0.83 a day, the change in your pocket, you can feed a friend.
For the cost of a cup of coffee a day can help with daily needs.


Become a Sponsor TODAY and receive an official Hay Burr Inn Sponsor Certificate!

 CLICK HERE if you have any questions about becoming a sponsor for one of our rescues.

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Please select the program you wish to sponsor. Please refer the charts above for the levels. Buy-A-Bale is $10 a monthly sponsorship program.
Please select the level of sponsorship you would like. For the equine sponsorship, Bronze level helps with basic stable care and grooming. Silver level helps in addition to bronze level contributes to food. Gold includes both Bronze and Silver level benefits with Hoof Trims included. The added benefit for platinum will help pay towards basic veterinary needs. * This is for Equine Sponsorship and Feed-A-Friend Program. Skip if you selected Buy-A-Bale.*
Pick the Equine you are sponsoring. Please note that sponsorship fee does change between Horse, Mini & Donkey. *Please note this is only for the Equine Sponsorship program. This does not apply to Feed-A-Friend or Buy-A-Bale.
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Contribute to the Hay Fund


There are other ways to help!


Monetary donations aren’t the only way you can help. Volunteering your time or dropping off physical donations help too!


Yes, in-kind donations are tax-deductible!

If you would like to receive a tax receipt for your donation, please bring an official receipt or invoice for the value of your in-kind donation, and we’d be happy to write you an in-kind declaration of value for you to use for taxes.